For 6.5years I had been in Los Angeles working as a professional dancer/choreographer, among many other titles. Along the way I built a great network of friends [family] & associates, obtained & achieved amazing work experiences & opportunities, yet never feeling at home. I actually objected to call it home saying i was only “temporarily residing there”. Even though I created new ventures to convince myself to stay – a management company, a production company, a health/fitness/wellness system, a bar… – I was still always looking for a way out. My journey of life needed to continue somewhere else.

The beginning of 2009 was a very oxymoronic slow & tumultuous start for the entertainment industry, sparked by The Great Secret/Flailing Recession of 2008. Work and auditions were few/far between. Money and moral was low all around. My birthday arrived mid-March and with it a series of events that would show me the way to the opening I was looking for.

Shortly thereafter, I decided to sell all of my material belongings, move in with a friend and start saving. In September, I was moving to Sweden for that new beginning.

This is the chronicle of that journey.

Update Fall 2010:  While living, loving and enjoying life to the fullest, it became slightly more difficult to post on the regular about what was happening in my life, but, I noticed I was spending a lot more of my time providing inspirational and motivational quotes along the way.  Those posts were remarkably received so I will continue to post as such in the form of MOTIVATIONAL MONDAYS* with some continued interstitial stories of my travels and reflections on life posted along the way.

 *Spring 2015 – sometimes MOTIVATIONAL MONDAYS (MM) are posted later in the week as WEDNESDAY’S WISDOM (WW)

I hope you enjoy the change and the inspiration/motivation that comes along with.

Cheers 🙂

4 responses

23 05 2011

Wonderful that you have this website to watch and so great things that you´re telling us, Im impressed-again- by you my friend!!! All my love!! Take care! TB

5 12 2011
michael a. murphy

didn’t know you were a fellow blogger. awesome!

3 07 2015

What a great story to read – thanks for sharing it. I’m a true believer that the more we uplift and support each other (as through your Motivational Monday’s), the better off we all are. Rock on – Julianna

4 10 2018

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